What is the diameter of the antenna of Polish TV UK?

Satellite dish against blue sky with clouds.

What is the diameter of the antenna of Polish TV UK?

One of the indispensable components of a satellite TV set is an antenna. As in Poland, Polish TV London in the British Isles needs a dish of the right diameter.

The two most popular dimensions include 60 and 80 cm. In the vast majority of cases, Polish tv UK can be received very well with an antenna of this larger size, namely 80 cm.

In what cases should we decide to buy a larger antenna, which unfortunately will not add to the beauty of our property? Antennas 80 cm are recommended for customers living in heavily wooded areas, where there may be some obstacles in the path of the signal to the antenna – trees, infrastructure elements, etc. such an antenna should also be used when we do not have the physical possibility to accurately position the dish at an angle of 13*, that is, the Hot Bird satellite, from which it is transmitted digital polsat and NC+ UK.





NC+ satellite dish on rooftop.
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