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CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras (closed-circuit television) is a term for closed-circuit television, i.e. a system that transmits images (very rarely combined with sound) within monitored areas. It is a closed system giving the possibility to monitor potentially disturbing behaviour within the protected area. The signal is made available to specific persons (property owner, building security, etc.).

Safe home - peace of mind

However, an important group of customers are also individual clients, who often install monitoring systems in their homes. Combined with an appropriate alarm system, they allow you to go on holiday in peace and not to worry about your possessions. After all, we need to feel safe in our own home.

CCTV and IP cameras are also installed for such purposes as:

Monitoring children left in the care of others.

Supervision of the elderly, sick, disabled.

Controlling our home while on vacation, holiday or even when we are at work.

Everyone in your company will have a greater sense of security.

Professional product advice

In our shop you will find carefully selected systems and equipment that will meet the expectations of both small entrepreneurs and demanding customers looking for the highest quality surveillance system.

Viewing from anywhere

Nowadays such systems can be found in hypermarkets, companies, on city streets – everywhere. There are no contraindications for installing CCTV systems indoors, outdoors, on external walls of buildings where temperatures fall below zero. Currently available equipment allows you to configure a system that will work in all weather conditions, both day and night.

Safety for everyone is the highest value. In companies where the security of data storage and enforcing a proper attitude of employees requires this type of security, monitoring and control systems of employee movement inside the plant has already become the norm. More and more smaller companies are investing in this type of security, finding that the investment pays for itself many times over in a very short time.

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