About Us


Our company cooperates with an Authorised Point of Sale of Polish digital platforms in Poland, thanks to which all the formalities can be completed in the UK, just as in your home country.

For many years we have also cooperated with construction companies providing service in the field of installation of satellite dishes and terrestrial freeview – digital tv. We assist in the development and distribution of television signals throughout an individual customer’s home, as well as community installations in larger residential developments.

Professional customer service

Short lead times

Guarantee of services rendered

Free valuation of orders

Customer feedback

I didn’t know that you can legally replace a broken NC+ decoder brought from Poland in the UK. I was afraid that I would have to send it back, trouble my family in Poland and wait a long time for the return shipment. It turned out that everything can be done here and right away! In addition, I have a guarantee for the replacement decoder for the entire period of the contract. Fantastic.


A proven company in emergency situations and beyond. We start almost every construction with a meeting, after the scaffolding has been erected – always some antenna will suffer. But that’s what Satservice is for 🙂 I recommend it!


I was very surprised with the smooth installation of my TV on my new apartment. Not only was it able to be done the day of the order, but it took less than an hour. I will always recommend the company to my friends.