Installation of Satellite Antennas London

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Installation of Satellite Antennas Hounslow London West

Our company specializes in the installation of satellite and terrestrial antennas. We have years of experience in the field of antenna installations, and we also have the professional measuring equipment necessary for the proper alignment of antennas during installation or after the passage of a windstorm that moved our antenna. We provide services in the London area. Professionalism, attractive price and fast service is our domain. Our service consists of mounting the antenna on the wall, roof, chimney, balcony or terrace once the ideal positioning of the antenna with the help of a specialized satellite signal meter, after conducting the appropriate wiring, tuning the satellite receiver with the TV. At the end, we conduct a short instruction with a discussion of the main principles of operation of the connected equipment tuner, TV, antenna. If it is not technically possible to perform the installation at the indicated location, we will indicate a suitable location.

NC+ Polsat TV

NC+ Television is constantly evolving, introducing newer services and technologies, providing broader opportunities and enjoyment of the services it offers to customers. This TV gives a classic and very good access to the TV signal from a satellite set-top box to the TV. It also guarantees the possibility of achieving from one subscription and from one satellite dish an independent signal on up to 6 TVs. It is also important that we also assemble the NC+ reception sets you have purchased, so you get a comprehensive service. We install and service all satellite platforms (NC+, Cyfra+, Cyfrowy Polsat, Telewizja n, Telewizja na kartę, Telewizja Polska).

Uninterrupted High Quality Signal Antenna Mounting.

In our offer, we will guarantee you fast, reliable and inexpensive installation of satellite and terrestrial antennas, so that every customer using our services will be very satisfied and calm about the received signal. We choose the most suitable antennas for the installation, as well as converters and other types of equipment so that our customer can fully enjoy high quality signal and undisturbed TV reception. The place for mounting a satellite dish is essential, we take into account the type of substrate and choose the appropriate brackets, mounts, masts, pegs and other mounting parts so as to guarantee the strength and reliability of the installation. We will take on any challenge depending on the client’s wishes. We also provide service for already running antennas. So if you have problems with signal reception, be sure to contact us and we will be happy to direct a technician to solve your problem. We guarantee lightning-fast turnaround times, even the same business day, from receipt of your request, and still at very reasonable prices! Remember that we have several years of experience in installing satellite dishes and making antenna systems. We are a remarkably innovative and intensively growing company. Our offer is aimed at both individuals and companies.

Polish Digital Platforms

Installing antennas in the age of digital TV is not as easy as it used to be when we had analog TV. The average person who installs a satellite dish by himself usually finds it difficult to set it up for the Hotbird satellite. Currently, such antenna alignment is done by using meters suitable for this purpose. A very important thing is that the antenna must be decently protected from lightning, as well as from wind. Satellite dishes are used to receive the signal transmitted from a satellite placed in geostationary orbit. The most popular satellites we use on a daily basis are Hotbird and Astra. The satellite signal reaches even where reception from terrestrial transmitters is impossible. The performance of the satellite depends on the correct diameter of the antenna, which should not be smaller than 80 cm. A customer who has such an antenna can expand the range of satellites received to four. Through Hotbird, we receive all Polish digital platforms: NC+ and Cyfrowy Polsat. Astra transmits mainly German-language TV and radio stations. There we will watch a great deal of free-to-air German public television programs ARD, ZDF, among others, and commercial RTL, Sat 1, Pro 7, Eurosport. Of the English-language ones, CNN and SKY News are worth mentioning.

Antenna Mounting Skills and Knowledge

We have many certifications and relevant skills that enable us to professionally carry out the commissioned service. We perform installation of satellite dishes to receive all digital platforms, both Polish and foreign. The range of services also includes the installation of a radio antenna, as well as an antenna for receiving terrestrial television both digital and analog. We work at different heights, so we can handle even the worst problem. We work with each customer individually on various installation options and always choose the best of solutions. We offer complex installations of antenna systems based on the combination of terrestrial and satellite antennas within a unified home network. We are able to configure the TV and tuner, and will program and connect all types of TV-Sat devices for interoperability. We have the most modern and best meters for signal measurement and antenna alignment, so the antenna adjustment we carry out results in maximum reception parameters.

Don’t Delay Contact Us!

In our Company you can expect short lead times, reliable execution of the order, friendly service and a guarantee for the service we provide. So you are welcome, call Office: 02085773782, Mobile: 07988424050, Freephone: 0800218966 or send a request to us, we will take action.




NC+ satellite dish on rooftop.
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