INVERTO BLACK Unicable Quad 40mm Converter

INVERTO BLACK Unicable Quad 40mm LNB Converter 2 Legacy Ports and 1 splitter

Record 3 channels simultaneously and watch the 4th at the same time


Unicable Quad 40mm LNB
2 Legacy Ports and 1 splitter

Record 3 channels simultaneously and watch the 4th at the same time


The converter has three independent outputs – two normally Universal and one SCR (Unicable). It allows single-wire (serial) signal transmission to up to four receivers with the Unicable designation in the menu, and from two Universal-type outputs to one classic PVR decoder or two independent tuners. Receivers can also be connected in series via loop-throughs or with the use of TV-SAT splitters (depends on the type of receiver). Receivers connected in series thanks to Unicable work fully independently.
The condition is the Unicable function in the menu of the tuner, which is to use 4 frequencies for signal transmission: 1 – 1680 MHz , 2 – 1420 MHz, 3 – 2040 MHz, 4 – 1210 MHz.Unicable converters work together, among others. with the Marysus VU+ Duo and Solo decoders and the EvoBox from Cyfrowy Polsat and the latest 4K decoder from the NC+ platform


Converter type Unicable + 2 Legacy outputs
Profit/Gain min. 55dB
Noise factor 200 mA at 13.5V
Current consumption YES
Weight/Weight 350g
Mounting diameter 40mm
Input frequency range min 40dB
Output frequency range min 20dB
Example configuration 4 receivers in SCR mode and 2 standard receivers
SCR frequencies 1210 MHz, 1680 MHz , 1420 MHz, 2040 MHz

The Inverto IDLB-QUDL42-UNI2L-1PP converter from the antenna set sold with the EVOBOX PVR set-top box, has one (gold) Unicable SCR signal output and two (silver) universal converter signal outputs, which can be used to connect two HD set-top boxes in the Multiroom HD service.
Connect the antenna wire from the gold connector of the converter to the SAT1 antenna input. In the Settings / ANTENNA / CONFIGURATION menu, select the type of converter Inverto IDLB-QUDL42-UNI2L-1PP. Do not connect the satellite dish signal to the SAT2 connector, in this configuration this connector is inactive!
Connecting the decoder to a satellite dish with a Unicable converter will allow you to use the full functionality of the EVOBOX PVR decoder, i.e. Support for 3 simultaneous recordings and the ability to watch one TV channel different from the ones being recorded, will enable quick channel switching and PiP service. Those using Multiroom HD service and EVOBOX PVR set-top box as the main one should replace the existing Twin or Quad LNB with Unicable (SCR) with the appropriate number of universal LNB signal outputs.
It is also possible to use converters from other manufacturers purchased on the open market, compatible with the Unicable SCR standard supporting the frequency set of 1210MHz , 1420MHz, 1680MHz, 2040MHz.