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Replacement of Decoders

Cable TV EVOBOX PVR with remote control

Follow the New Technology by Replacing Your Decoder

Do you have a contract with Poland for CYFROWY POLSAT or NC+ and your decoder broke down? Not going to Poland anytime soon? You can replace such a decoder without any problems! Replacing your decoder with a new one is a very good solution considering the rate of change that characterizes the technology industry. In order to take full advantage of the possibilities that modern TV sets offer us, such as high picture quality, we should assess whether we have the right decoder. Customers who own CYFROWY POLSAT or NC+ and the old type of decoders have no reason to complain. At any time we can exchange the old decoder for a new one! We are always at your service and our decoder replacement service is faster than you think🙂 For more information send us an email or call one of our numbers: shop 02085773782, com. 07988424050.

What makes us different?

Fast implementation of the decoder replacement

Professional service

The latest decoder technology

Professional installation

Professional consulting

Save both money and time. We will advise you which offer is the most advantageous for you in terms of fees. We will also take care of the fast processing of the order, arranging the installation visit and handling all formal matters - and all of this, of course, completely free of charge. What do you need to do? Contact our consultants and we will help and dispel all your doubts!

Customer feedback

Quickly and efficiently, contact with them is a pleasure and full professionalism, next time you know where to call!


The company is the best in its field. I deserve special attention for a very professional and substantive approach to the customer, as well as the time of service.


I am very pleased with the installation done in my office. Professional, fast and cheap. I think “good” monitoring should be called “very good” 🙂