What about access to CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD on nc+?

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Since September 1, the nc+ platform has changed the rules of access to the CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD channel. Previously (since its launch on May 15 this year), the channel was offered at no extra charge, but neither was it guaranteed – it was available, but that could change at any time. And it has changed, by the way, the first announcements that it will happen – appeared at the end of July (it was announced by e-mail). The problem, however, is that some subscribers could not even purchase access after the changes.

At first, everything seemed to be going as it usually does – the promotion ended, the channel – in this case CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD stopped working for everyone who didn’t have it guaranteed in any way on their contract. Both from the level of 4K UltraBOX+ decoders and CAM modules. It was not the best moment for such actions (weekend), but as it had been announced to some extent, it seemed that contacting the operator’s hotline should help and possibly even allow to buy further access to the channel.

While in the case of 4K UltraBOX+ decoders there were no problems, on September 1 the owners of CAM modules were sent away with a receipt. Consultants have been relaying information all morning that on the latest blue CAM CI+ modules (introduced not so long ago and quite restrictive, e.g. without a “legacy” mode allowing it to work on older tuners without CI+) there is no option to buy CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD.

It should be emphasized here that we’re talking about the operator’s latest CAM CI+ module (by the way, there’s no other one in distribution right now), which even has 4K printed on its packaging, as well as on the back of the module itself – a 4K logo suggesting that the CAM is ready for it. After all, many people were able to access the channel until August 31, and generally without problems.

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The situation was further aggravated by the fact that on September 1 the CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD option disappeared from the Internet Subscriber Centre, and the consultants at the helpline provided contradictory information – already on the same day there were both subscribers who were allowed to run the channel on CAM modules and those who were refused.

As if that wasn’t enough – if access (on 4K UltraBOX+ decoders or selected modules) was granted, it was on completely random terms, some managed to get it for 0 PLN, others bargained down to 5 PLN or were denied any promotion. Depending on the case, even the same subscribers were once denied the launch for 0 PLN, only to have another consultant agree to it a moment later (also here and here).

So passed 1 September, the next day some subscribers had the opportunity to launch CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD channel on CAM module from the level of ICA for a fee of PLN 10 per month. But not to everyone, some still clashed with refusals and with very different proposals from the possibility of exchanging the module for a 4K UltraBOX+ decoder to…. dry refusal without any help and the end.

It wasn’t until the evening of September 2 that there was a suggestion as to what the problem might be and what it might depend on that some people get access on modules and others don’t. One of the subscribers during a conversation with a consultant received information that back on 24 August it was decided not to provide access to CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD on CAM type 95 modules. Why the date of August 24? Why was no one informed of this? And most of all – how to recognize what type of module you have if all the blue CI+ modules look the same?

Later, the operator’s consultants already informed that there are modules on which CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD can not be turned on, but without explaining why, or without the possibility of replacement with a module in a version that would allow it. And let’s be honest – if someone bought e.g. Vu+ Ultimo 4K for a lot of money to watch channels in Ultra HD, then exchanging the CAM module for a decoder (not always proposed, offered or possible either) is of no use to such a subscriber.

You can find dozens of similar stories in the online discussion on various forums, including cases where some people with CAM modules manage to access the channel while others do not. And if you make it – whether on a module or a 4K UltraBOX+ set-top box – at various prices from £0 to having to pay full price.

This situation annoys nc+ subscribers, for the sake of the promotion of the operator offering the channel in Ultra HD, but also the modules.

While the issue of availability at different prices can still be explained by classic issues of negotiation – as happens, for example, when giving a notice of termination, sometimes using good arguments you can get the operator something as a gift to stay with him, it is more difficult to understand what is the matter with the availability of the so pompously announced channel in 4K on modules.

CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD

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