Rai 8K will begin broadcasting at the end of May

Tests of the new generation of the 8K image format are being prepared by Italy’s Rai public television. In May/June 2020. Rai intends to launch technical tests of Ultra HD broadcasts at 8K, a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels.

The Rai 8K (Super Hi-Vision) channel will be officially launched on July 24, 2020. With the opening of the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The broadcaster has not yet decided whether the channel will broadcast occasionally, as was previously the case with Rai 4K, or whether the transmission will remain. However, the first option is more likely because 8K content is a scarce commodity.

Only customers of TivúSat’s free satellite service are to have access to Rai 8K. This channel in broadcast from Italian transmitters in DVB-T2 will not be available.

Rai will provide all 51 matches from Euro 2020, including the opening match from Rome and of course the final. But only 27 matches will be broadcast live on Rai 1 or Rai 2. The remaining 24 matches will be broadcast on Rai Sport.

Rai will share Euro 2020 broadcast rights with pay platform operator Sky Italia, which will stream all 51 matches live on Sky Sports.

Euro 2020 coverage will be on Rai 4K, but it is not yet clear whether it will be all 27 matches or just the Italian national team’s matches, including the opening match and the final.




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