KSW 48: Fight card

MMA event poster for KSW 48 in Lublin, Poland.

On Saturday, April 27th in Lublin’s Globus Hall KSW 48 will take place. On the roster you won’t find the biggest stars of the organization, but this time the emphasis was put on the sporting quality. Check out who will be stepping into the cage!

No one will be surprised to learn that the most exciting fight of the evening will be the one between Roman Szymanski and the dangerous Salahdin Parnass for the interim featherweight title. The Frenchman had a very successful start in the biggest Polish organization. In his first three fights he impressively defeated Lukasz Rajewski, Artur Sowinski and Marcin Wrzosek, which made many people call him a future KSW star. I have to admit that his grappling skills are considerable and he’s definitely capable of stirring things up on the Polish MMA scene.

Szymanski, however, is confident in himself and the form he managed to develop during the preparatory period.

– Salahdine is a great player and despite his young age. On top of that, he is resilient to stress and is not stressed by big events. When he steps in the cage, he’s not afraid to fight and will definitely be one of the biggest challenges of my career. He’s fast, but I’ll be faster. You can be sure, that until the final gong I will try to give him something. – said the Pole in an interview with Polsat Sport.

It will also be rookie night. Hubert Szymajda, Shamil Musayev, Cezary Kęsik, Jakub Kamieniarz, Miloš Janičić, Filip Pejić and Stjepan Bekavac will fight their first fights in KSW.

The fight between the latter and Lukasz Jurkowski promises to be an interesting one. Bekavac and Juras faced each other… Fourteen years ago and then the Croatian was better.

– In 2005, I controlled the duel and even had a dosdown in the first round. When I hit Bekavac with it, the referee put his hand on my shoulder. I thought he was stopping the fight, especially since we were fighting with very thin gloves and one punch immediately resulted in cuts on the skin. The referee told me to stand up, then he ordered me to continue the fight in the stand-up. I don’t really know what world Stipe lives in, who claims he knocked me out with a kick. If anyone has a video of this fight, please share it, because it looked very different. One thing is for sure, the Croatian will have a chance to prove that he is better, but I think he may be very disappointed – said “Juras”.


Check out KSW 48 fight card:

Fight of the evening:

Fight for the interim featherweight belt

65.8 kg/145 lb: Roman Szymanski (11-4, 1 KO, 3 SUB) vs. Salahdine Parnasse (12-0-1, 1 KO, 4 SUB)

Master Card:

93 kg/205 lb: Lukasz Jurkowski (16-11, 4 KOs, 6 SUB) vs. Stjepan Bekavac (19-9, 13 KOs, 4 SUB)

70.3 kg/155 lb: Gracjan Szadzinski (8-2, 6 KOs) vs. Marian Ziolkowski (20-7-1-1NC, 5 KO, 12 SUB)

65.8 kg/145 lb: Filip Wolanski (11-3, 3 KOs, 2 SUB) vs. Filip Pejic (13-2-2, 8 KOs, 3 SUB)

77.1 kg/170 lb: Michalski (6-4, 2 KOs, 1 SUB) vs. Miloš Janičić (11-2, 6 KOs, 5 SUB)

83.9 kg/185 lb: Cezary Kęsik (8-0, 6 KOs, 1 SUB) vs. Jakub Kamieniarz (7-5, 1 KO, 4 SUB)

70.3 kg/155 lb: Hubert Szymajda (8-2, 1 KO, 4 SUB) vs. Shamil Musaev (11-0, 6 KOs, 2 SUB)

61.2 kg/135 lb: Sebastian Przybysz (4-2, 2 KOs, 1 SUB) vs. Bogdan Barbu (14-9, 8 KOs, 3 SUB)

Transmission of KSW 48 on Saturday on Polsat sports antennas

source: polsatsport




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