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New nc+ offer for flexible TV

Flexible TV from nc+ is a response to customers who would like to choose their own packages. Additional channels will be available for purchase independently and without long-term commitments.

Customers subscribing to cable and satellite TV are accustomed to signing long-term contracts for access to a package of channels. Typically, if someone is interested in Game of Thrones remaining in broadcast for a few weeks a year, the HBO package must be purchased anyway for the duration of the 2-year contract.

However, the Internet is spoiling us. Netflix, Showmax and other VOD services have accustomed us to short-term contracts. The access fee is charged once a month to the payment card. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Flexible TV from nc+ – how does it work?

With the new nc+ offer, additional packages will be available for purchase on a similar basis as access to Netflix or other video-on-demand services. This applies to all customers who now decide to sign a new contract for the Comfort+ TV package, which consists of 112 channels, including 55 in HD.

Once you buy the Comfort+ package, which costs PLN 39.99 per month, you are free to choose additional packages for yourself throughout the term of the contract. There is no need to buy them for its entire duration. You can buy access to some of the premium channels for a month and then cancel or exchange it for another.

Flexible TV from nc+ – additional packages:

  • Top-up to Extra+ – 37 additional channels – PLN 30.00 + PLN 39.99 = PLN 69.99;
  • Canal+ – 8 channels – PLN 60.00 + PLN 39.99 = PLN 99.99;
  • Eleven Sports – 3 channels – PLN 15.90 + PLN 39.99 = PLN 55.89;
  • HBO – 3 channels and HBO GO – PLN 35.00 + PLN 39.99 = PLN 74.99;
  • Multi ManPack – 12 channels + 2 collections – PLN 30.00 + PLN 39.99 = PLN 69.99;
  • Extra+ and Canal+ – PLN 70.00 + PLN 39.99 = PLN 109.99 (that’s a PLN 20 discount for two packages).

This allows you to buy access to sports channels only for the duration of the games you are interested in, and after they are over, you can stop paying for Eleven Sports until the next season. Similarly, in the case of the HBO package – you can purchase it only when the series you are interested in comes back, and cancel the package after watching it.

In addition, changing packages is supposed to be very simple and, in the case of Wi-Fi PremiumBox+ and MediaBox+ decoders, implemented from the remote control thanks to a yellow button. Selected nc+ set-top boxes will be available for the entire duration of the contract, but will be provided free of charge for the first 12 months. The new nc+ offer also did not lack support for the Multiroom service.

It’s just a shame that in order to buy the additional package of thematic channels – which are usually the most interesting part of cable or satellite TV – you still have to pay for all the channels in the Comfort+ package. Flexible TV is a step in the right direction, but it’s still not an a la carte solution where you can choose your channels at will.

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