Polish Television Abroad – Basic Information

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Many Poles living in the UK have already found out that Polish TV abroad is not a problem. Why has this become so popular? Who wouldn’t like to watch a movie with Polish subtitles or news to keep up to date with what is happening in our beloved country? It is a certain way of relaxing after a hard day – that is why more and more Poles decide to use our services. Many of them thought it was too much paperwork – after contacting us their doubts were immediately dispelled. In this article we will give you basic information about our offer.

Polish Television Abroad – What is the cost of setting up the antenna?

Everything depends on the location where our client lives. Prices start from £30. Our professional installers will position your antenna in such a way that the programs will be received without any interference. We also provide antenna installation service if you already have all the things you need.

I have a mounted antenna – Can I order a decoder alone?

Of course, you only need to choose a decoder in our online shop with some basic package of channels. You buy the decoder on your own. If the antenna is properly set, just connecting the decoder is enough.

I have imported a decoder from Poland – what if I do?

If you have a decoder, it is enough to order our antenna installation and signal adjustment services. With our satellite dish you will receive HD quality programs even during heavy rainfall. The cost of this service is £65.

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What if I don’t live in London?

If you are interested in shopping in our online store and you do not live in London – no problem. We sell our products by mail order throughout England. The cost of shipping our products starts at just £1.19.

Polish television abroad – summary

If we have not solved all your doubts, please ask us a question through our website, or contact us. You can find all the information you need on our website.





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