How to Watch Polish Television Abroad?

Satellite orbiting Earth in space

With time, when Poles began to emigrate abroad in large numbers, Polish television became popular abroad. According to unofficial data, there are more than one million Polish decoders abroad. Some may think – why do I need a digital Polsat decoder in the UK? And after proper setting up a satellite dish to receive most Polish channels. Just bring your digital Polsat or NC + decoder and buy a top-up card. Then the only thing left is to properly set the satellite dish to receive the channels.

Problems with installation of satellite dish.

As you know, to receive Polish TV abroad you need an antenna. But sometimes it happens that the administrator of a building forbids us to
installation of our own antenna
. Many Poles then start to combine hiding antennas behind the chimney, placing them in the house. But we are protected by law, which clearly says that if the cable installation does not provide channels in the native language of the immigrant, the administrator has no right to forbid us to install the antenna. However, he will have to show us the place where we can install it.

The range of a satellite dish allows for reception.

Polish TV abroad is possible to receive via Eutelsat Hot Bird 13°E. However, it requires careful setup by professionals. We may be able to set the satellite to select channels but during the first better rain the interference will be so great that it will not allow us to watch. We go out of our way to meet our customers’ needs. We offer professional antenna installation at a very low price. Setting up the antenna by our specialists will allow you to receive channels without any interference, so that watching TV will be pure pleasure.

Polish television abroad – where to start?

Of course, from the contact with our company. Our consultants will choose the most suitable offer for you and answer all your questions. We place great emphasis on providing the best possible service to our clients, which is why a large number of customers have already trusted us. Choose a proven company and convince yourself!




NC+ satellite dish on rooftop.
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