How do I order Polsat Cyfrowy in the UK?

Cyfrowy Polsat logo with orange graphic sphere.

You live in the Islands? Do you miss Cyfrowy Polsat, which you could use without any restrictions in Poland? Do you use VOD services that are not the same as watching Polsat Cyfrowy UK live? If so, you should know that you can also easily receive the Cyfrowy Polsat UK signal from the Hot Bird 13* satellite in the UK. How can I sign the Cyfrowy Polsat UK contract when I live in the UK? Surely the easiest way to do this would be through some family member living in Poland.

He signs a contract with Polsat Cyfrowy UK on your behalf and then sends us the whole installation kit securely packaged.

Using courier services, it is better not to send a satellite dish, which can be damaged. Instead, the antenna can be purchased locally. A safer way would be to bring the decoder + antenna, during one of your visits to the country. You may also then be tempted to sign a subscription agreement in your own name while you are there.




NC+ satellite dish on rooftop.
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