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Polish Television in the UK

There are over 850,000 Poles living in the UK. Even though they live in the UK, Polish television is an important element for them (for example, Cyfrowy Polsat or NC+). It turns out that Polish television is for them a good source of information about their home country. One might be tempted to say that for them Cyfrowy Polsat is a kind of mainstay of Polishness. Moreover, it is worth noting that on average we spend 1.6 hours in front of the TV, in the UK the value oscillates within similar limits.

Polish Television in England is very popular. This is where the largest concentration of Poles is. The market offers a choice of NC+ or Cyfrowy Polsat. Although there are only two options, it’s worth figuring out which one seems more beneficial. We will try to explain what each option looks like. We asked ourselves a question: Which Polish TV channel in the UK should stay in our home? Cyfrowy Polsat or NC+?

Cyfrowy Polsat – Polish television in London

Although Polish TV London is not officially present in the Cyfrowy Polsat offer, it is available thanks to companies like us. We also know that it is slightly more popular than NC+. But what does Cyfrowy Polsat have in store? What makes Poles who are interested in Polish television in the UK more eager to look for their offer in this platform? In general Polsat gives access to 140 Polish language channels. Including up to 40 in HD. This is a sufficient pool, they will please the most fans of sports such as volleyball, boxing or Formula 1. Multiroom(What’s that?) is also available and is now standard. Each decoder must be connected to the antenna. The decoders themselves do not need to be connected together. On the other hand, every few days you should put the card from the main decoder to the additional one in order to unblock it. This can get a little annoying, especially if you have to do it while watching a good movie. However, for now such solutions are provided by Polish Cyfrowy Polsat.

All you need to sign a contract is an ID card or passport. An equally important aspect is the subsequent after-sales service. If the decoder is not working and your operator is Cyfrowy Polsat, you usually have to extend your contract. Sometimes on less favorable terms.

Cyfrowy Polsat UK NC+ London Polish Television in UK
Choosing a good offer will make Polish TV in UK bring you even more satisfaction.

How does Polish TV in the UK look like with NC+?

At the very beginning it is worth emphasizing the fact that NC+ is actually n TV and Cyfra+, joined together. The NC+ offer includes ca. 160 channels, including 72 in HD (the most extended offer). If we put Cyfrowy Polsat and NC+ London side by side, they are similar to each other although there are also differences. What kind? NC+ in UK will be good for speedway and football fans. It also has to be admitted that it offers more HD channels in comparable price packages, often almost double. At this point, Cyfrowy Polsat is performing slightly worse.

Concluding the contract with NC+ is a bit easier, you only need the data from one identity document, i.e. ID card or passport. Multiroom is also a bit simpler. In NC+ new decoders have built-in WiFi so they are connected wirelessly, but each of the decoders must be connected to a satellite dish with a converter for multiple outputs. What if the decoder from NC+ is damaged? It is replaced “out of the box” without any changes to the contract.

Topic summary Polish Television in UK

Cyfrowy Polsat and NC+ give Poles in the UK the opportunity to watch Polish television. The two digital platforms are similar in several respects. However, you should keep an eye on the end date of the contract that you signed on promotional terms, because after this period, unfortunately, the bill for the subscription jumps up by up to 80%. Therefore, the best solution is to terminate the contract a month before the end of the period for which it was concluded and sign a new one with current promotions for new customers.




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