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New Cyfrowy Polsat package 6 months free of charge

Cyfrowy Polsat has made changes to its TV offering. Among other things, the operator puts. for the popular Family HD package along with premium channels from the Cinemax HD package for PLN 20. Customers will receive this offer for 6 months at no charge. In addition, the operator is launching a new Premium MAX Plus offer

Cyfrowy Polsat’s new offer is the Family HD + Cinemax HD package with 86 channels available from PLN 20. For sports fans, on the other hand, there is a Family HD + Cinemax HD + Eleven Sports HD package with 89 channels for PLN 30.

Customers will receive both offers for as much as 6 months free of charge, plus during this time they will also be able to enjoy 28 other channels from the Family HD Package, which they will receive as gifts.

For those who appreciate a wealth of entertainment, Cyfrowy Polsat has introduced a new Premium MAX Plus offer, which consists of packages: Family Max HD, Film HD, Sports HD, Cinemax HD, HBO HD with HBO GO, Eleven Sports HD, Entertainment HD. That’s a total of 183 TV channels, which you can watch for as long as 3 months free of charge at launch. After that, the subscription will be PLN 120 per month.

As part of the fee, customers also receive the ON THE GO option, which allows mobile access to more than 100 channels and an extensive VOD library on the Cyfrowy Polsat GO service. New to the offer is the Entertainment HD package with 6 adult-only channels.

Those who want to take advantage of the premium offer can also purchase another Premium MAX offer, already appreciated by viewers (without the HD Entertainment package), which consists of 177 channels – also available free of charge for the first 3 months and then for PLN 100 per month.

Along with the premium offers, you can also choose an EVOBOX PVR set-top box for as little as PLN 1 (giving you the ability to record up to 3 programs simultaneously and watch another one at the same time) and a Multiroom HD service for as little as PLN 5 per month – allowing you to watch the same package of channels on up to 4 TVs.

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