MUNDIAL 4K Russia 2018 is a 30-day package of CANAL+ Now 4K and TVP 4K

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MUNDIAL 4K Russia 2018 is 30 days of CANAL+ Now 4K package and TVP 4K without contract – purchase cam 4K module NC+

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1. Purchase from us aCAM CI+ 4K module(NC+ CAM 4K MODULE),

2. activate it on June 14, enjoy the package
Extra + Canal+ for 30 days
( includes CANAL+ 4K and TVP 4K channels),

3. only with us after 30 days you can return the module and get the amount back

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For the first time in history, football fans will be able to watch World Cup matches using 4K technology on the new channel of Telewizja Polska – TVP 4K. According to the broadcaster, TVP 4K is “a state-of-the-art, top-quality TV broadcast that will be launched just ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Importantly, the TVP 4K channel will be available during the World Cup through two operators cooperating technologically with Telewizja Polska in this respect: the nc+ platform and Orange.

We are proud to provide football fans with the opportunity to watch the World Cup in the world’s highest picture quality on the TVP 4K channel. It is a big technological and organizational effort, but we are ready to take on this challenge. Matches in 4K are a perfect complement to the World Cup offer for TVP viewers. This will allow fans to experience football emotions even better and feel like on a real pitch

– says Maciej Stanecki, member of the Management Board of Telewizja Polska S.A.

TelewizjaPolska, by introducing its programme offer in 4K, is fulfilling its mission of a public broadcaster, as specified in the Broadcast Act of 29 December 1992, which includes working on new techniques of creating and distributing radio and television programmes.

TVP has previously announced that more than half of the 2018 World Cup matches will be available on TVP 4K. However, she did not specify who would show the others. It is now known that it will be shown by nc+ on the new Canal+ 4K Ultra HD channel. This means that all World Cup matches will be available on the nc+ platform.

The nc+ platform presented on May 15. more information about the soon to be launched Canal+ 4K Ultra HD channel. It is already known that it will broadcast 12 matches of the World Cup in Russia. What else will this new 4K channel offer? Update: Canal+ 4K Ultra HD launched on the afternoon of May 15, 2018

Canal+ 4K Ultra HD

Canal+ 4K Ultra HD is a new premium channel in the offer of the nc+ platform, which will broadcast selected sports events, including World Cup 2018 matches as well as blockbuster movies, series, Canal+ original productions, music shows and documentaries in the highest quality 4K picture.

Later this month, football fans will see the European cup finals on Canal+ 4K Ultra HD – on May 16 at the Parc OL stadium in Lyon in a deciding clash UEFA Europa League will face Olympique Marseille and Atletico Madrid, with the grand final on Saturday, May 26 Real Madrid and Liverpool FC will meet in theUEFA Champions League. In the last weekend of May, Canal+ 4K Ultra HD will also show the broadcast of the Final Four of the EHF Champions League, namely the semi-finals, the match for the 3rd. The competition will take place in the final and the grand final, which will determine the best handball team of the Old Continent. In the tournament we will see three French teams – Paris Saint Germain, Montpellier HB and HBC Nantes. The group will be completed by the defending champion – Macedonian Vardar Skopje. After the start of the 2018/2019 season, viewers will see selected matches of the English Premier League, German Bundesliga or Spanish LaLiga Santander in 4K.

The Canal+ 4K Ultra HD channel will also include series, documentaries and unique music shows. In May and June, viewers will be able to follow a serialized thriller produced by Canal+ “Raven. Whispers are heard after dark” starring Michał Żurawski, Cezary Łukaszewicz and Marcin Bosak, and the third season of the French costume drama “Versailles. The Law of Blood”. Documentary fans will see “Paradise on Earth”, describing the unique species of animals and plants in Costa Rica, and “Emerald Islands”, which presents the magical climate of Malaysia.

Canal+ 4K Ultra HD will also broadcast the concerts in the best quality of both picture and sound. The audience will be able to listen and watch Hans Zimmer‘s performance in Prague, Muse‘s concert in Rome, Eric Clapton ‘s excellent show “Slowhand At 70 – Live At The Royal Albert Hall” and a treat for progressive rock fans – Peter Gabriel‘s concert “Back To Front – Live At The O2”.

With fashion lovers in mind, the channel will broadcast Intimissimi On Ice 2017: A Legend of Beauty, a show on ice with a nod to women and a special performance by Andrea Bocelli.

Canal+ 4K Ultra HD is available at position 40. i 109. EPG.

The launch of the Canal+ 4K Ultra HD channel is another step in our consistent strategy to build a leading position in quality and technology on the Polish pay-TV market. Last year we introduced the 4K UltraBOX+ decoder and, as the first digital platform in Poland, we started broadcasting sports events in 4K quality. Now, with our customers’ satisfaction in mind, we are introducing a regular 4K channel broadcasting content exclusively in 4K technology, thus setting a new standard for presenting content on television

– she said Edyta Sadowska, Vice President of the Board of Directors nc+ platform programming.




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