Euro 2020 on TVP – all matches in 4K quality?

Polish Television has presented the plan of transmitting the group phase of the upcoming European Football Championships. All 51 matches will be shown on TVP Sport (combined coverage if necessary) and on and the mobile application. Additionally, some of them will be shown on TVP1 and others on TVP2.

Marek Szkolnikowski, director of TVP Sport, once again confirmed that all Euro 2020 matches will be broadcast in 4K quality. However, he did not reveal whether a separate TVP 4K channel would be launched, which would be included in the offer of pay-TV operators – on satellite and on cable, as was the case for the 2018 World Cup.

It is possible that TVP has a completely different idea to offer viewers Euro 2020 matches in 4K quality, e.g. in the form of streaming. The possibilities are wide, as TVP has its own application and an extensive platform, and uses HbbTV in digital terrestrial television.

The CANAL+ platform, which is the only satellite platform in Poland to offer 4K decoders, may not be interested in including the TVP 4K channel on its transponders, unless it receives something attractive in return, e.g. a sub-licence for some of the matches or exclusive rights to TVP 4K, but this could clash with the idea of TVP’s mission. As has learned, TVP is not planning to sell sublicenses of Euro 2020 matches to any entity. – There have been no talks and there won’t be,” said Szkolnikowski.

Recall that the launch of the TVP 4K channel for the 2018 World Cup was possible thanks to the technological cooperation of Telewizja Polska with the operators nc+ (CANAL+ platform) and Orange TV. Some of the matches of the World Cup 2018 could be watched exclusively on the CANAL+ 4K Ultra HD channel, while others were broadcast on TVP 4K.

The Euro 2020 tournament will take place from June 12 to July 12, 2020. Poland will play three times in the group stage: on June 15 against the winner of the play-offs, on June 20 against Spain and on June 24 against Sweden. The knockout phase of Euro 2020 will begin on June 27.

According to TVP’s plans, all meetings will be commentated from the stadiums, as far as logistics allow. It may happen that the commentary from the stadium will not accompany the matches played in Baku.

Euro 2020

Euro 2020 group stage – broadcast schedule:

June 12 (Friday)
21:00 Turkey – Italy, TVP1, TVP Sport

13 June (Saturday)
15.00 Wales – Switzerland, TVP1, TVP Sport
18:00 Denmark – Finland, TVP2, TVP Sport
21:00 Belgium – Russia, TVP1, TVP Sport

14 June (Sunday)
15:00 England – Croatia, TVP1, TVP Sport
18:00 Austria – called. bargaining, TVP2, TVP Sport
21:00 Netherlands – Ukraine, TVP1, TVP Sport

June 15 (Monday)
15:00 zw. of the play-offs – Czech Republic, TVP1, TVP Sport
18:00 Poland – zw. the play-offs, TVP1, TVP Sport
21:00 Spain – Sweden, TVP1, TVP Sport

16 June (Tuesday)
18:00 zw. of the play-offs – Portugal, TVP2, TVP Sport
21:00 France – Germany, TVP1, TVP Sport

17 June (Wednesday)
15:00 Finland – Russia, TVP1, TVP Sport
18:00 Turkey – Wales, TVP2, TVP Sport
21:00 Italy – Switzerland, TVP1, TVP Sport

18 June (Thursday)
15:00 Ukraine – called. bargaining, TVP1, TVP Sport
18:00 Denmark – Belgium, TVP2, TVP Sport
21:00 Netherlands – Austria, TVP1, TVP Sport

June 19 (Friday)
15:00 Sweden – called. bargaining, TVP1, TVP Sport
18:00 Croatia – Czech Republic, TVP2, TVP Sport
21:00 England – called. bargaining, TVP1, TVP Sport

June 20 (Saturday)
15:00 zw. of the play-offs – France, TVP1, TVP Sport
18:00 Portugal – Germany, TVP2, TVP Sport
21:00 Spain – Poland, TVP1, TVP Sport

21 June (Sunday)
18:00 Italy – Wales, TVP1, TVP Sport
18:00 Switzerland – Turkey, TVP2, TVP Sport

22 June (Monday)
18:00 zw. of the play-offs – the Netherlands, TVP2, TVP Sport
18:00 Ukraine – Austria, TVP1, TVP Sport
21:00 Russia – Denmark, TVP1, TVP Sport
21:00 Finland – Belgium, TVP2, TVP Sport

23 June (Tuesday)
21:00 Czech Republic – England, TVP1, TVP Sport
21:00 Croatia – called. bargaining, TVP2, TVP Sport

24 June (Wednesday)
18:00 zw. of the play-offs – Spain, TVP2, TVP Sport
18:00 Poland – Sweden, TVP1, TVP Sport
21:00 Germany – called. bargaining, TVP2, TVP Sport
21:00 Portugal – France, TVP1, TVP Sport




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