Champions League 2018 – watch in London and across the UK

UEFA Champions League logo with stadium and spotlights.

There are more changes ahead of us in the broadcasting of the Champions League, which from next season passes to Polsat. “We will build such an offer that everyone will be satisfied”. – announced the representatives of Cyfrowy Polsat

From the new season (2018/2019), Champions League and Europa League matches will be shown by Polsat Group. A few days ago, Cyfrowy Polsat announced the launch of two additional football channels, which will give viewers full access to the games. This announcement has caused a lot of excitement among fans who are concerned about additional fees. How will it be?

For now, Cyfrowy Polsat is not revealing details about the availability of the Champions League, but in its recently published financial report, it announced that there will be something for every viewer.

Showcasing the Champions League and Europa League from 2018, we will build such an offering to keep everyone happy. In creating it, we will draw on our experience in showing football, volleyball, the World Cup and Euro 2016, where there is something both for the general public and for those who want to watch everything – Marian Kmita, Director of the Management Board for the Warsaw Stock Exchange, quoted in the report, announces. sports on Polsat television.


At the moment it is known that selected matches will be available on open television, but the vast majority will be available on Polsat Group channels available via Cyfrowy Polsat and pay-TV operators.

“Purchase of broadcasting rights and realization on a global The level of major sporting events is an expense of hundreds of millions of euros. Therefore, financing them solely through sponsorship or advertising revenue is not possible in this case. This is why – as is the case in virtually all EU and North American countries – we offer part of our broadcasts in encrypted channels. The ease of acquiring the service, the affordable prices and the excellent quality of the materials presented make such services increasingly understood and popular among our customers.” – we read in the report of Cyfrowy Polsat.

Champions League on Cyfrowy Polsat for three seasons
From August 2018, for three seasons (2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021), all matches of the Champions League and UEFA Europa League will be available to watch exclusively on Polsat channels, on the Cyfrowy Polsat platform and on the internet and mobile devices. You will be able to watch all 1029 matches for three years exclusively on Polsat channels.

Recall that the Champions League and Europa League in the Polsat channels, is both a new broadcaster and the new hours of meetings. From the season in which the Polsat Group begins broadcasting this competition, for the first time, fans of the Champions League will be able to see more matches, thanks to new match times. on matchday, the Champions League matches will be played at 7 p.m., with the following matches to follow at9 p.m. (previously all matches wereplayed at one time, 8.45 p.m.). Thanks to this, there will no longer be the dilemma of which of the simultaneous matches to watch – whether, for example, to watch the first one. Real Madrid against Bayern Munich or Barcelona against Manchester United. The Europa League will be shown on Thursdays as before, with matches starting at 19.00 and 21.00.

Will you still be able to buy the beer, but will you be able to sign the contract with Cyfrowy Polsat? Try it!




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